How Much is Brunch Really Costing You?


Brunch.  The word is synonymous with the expatriate lifestyle in the UAE. Every Friday we descend on the many 5 star hotels in the country and eat & drink ourselves into oblivion.

I attended my first brunch of 2016 last weekend – not an overly expensive one. But before I knew it, I had spent over AED2,000 (GBP380, EUR500, USD544,). Sound familiar?

It’s hard to believe that back in our home countries we would be spending these obscene amounts of money on lunch and a few drinks, but apparently its second nature once we become expats.

This got me thinking: I have clients, friends, and colleagues that will not think twice about attending brunch three or four times a month.  And why not? We work long and hard during the week, it’s good to let our hair down during the weekend.

But how much do these brunches actually cost over time?

Using the above figures, just one brunch a month equates to AED24,000 (GBP4,560, EUR6,006, USD6,533) over a period of a year. I’ve lived in Dubai for 5 years, which takes my personal total up to a whopping AED120,000.

This amount, if saved, would today be worth around AED152,000 (GBP28,950, EUR38,043, USD41,381) with medium investment returns. Quite a sobering thought.

It seems then, that brunch is just as bad for your wallet as it is for your liver. Cutting out just one brunch a month could be the best investment you make.

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